Monday, March 31, 2008

Videos of PPH's Empty Promises

An Informed Citizen Concerned About The Downtown Hospital has generated videos from past City Council meetings to highlight the promises made by PPH to create a destination Medical Village in downtown Escondido, as part of the agreement to allow PPH to build a hospital in the ERTC across the street from SDGE's 550 Megawatt electric power plant.

The videos can be viewed on Search for videos posted by the InformedCitizens.

Here is a link to the video of the promises made by then PPH Chair Marcelo Rivera:
Rivera Video

Here is the video of the promises made by PPH CEO Michael Covert:
Covert Video

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Funding Shortfalls and Priorities at PPH

Look at PPH's 32 acre ERTC medical campus. After $811 million is spent, the campus will sport big parking lots, a big vacant field, and an 8 acre hospital facility.

PPH will have numerous high-priority projects needing funding. These projects include the Women's Center (93 beds), the Hospital Support building, the Outpatient services building, the North Nursing Tower expansion (~150 beds), and several parking structures. However, PPH's financing is so tight, it is considering leasing its Physical Plant (Mechanical) facilities! This is hailed as a $41 million savings!

Further, the expansion patient tower at Pomerado Hospital will be 83% shelled, after spending $117 million. Why would PPH cut $72 million from the funding of the downtown Medical Campus, but fund a building that will be only 17% complete! Poway must hold more political sway than Escondido! And Escondido has an MOU with PPH!

The handout provided to the City Council is available at this link:

The picture of the Master Plan map and the Finance-Constrained Plan map are available at this link:

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Where Is The Schedule for PPH's Destination Medical Village In Downtown Escondido

PPH claims it is going to create a destination Medical Village in downtown Escondido. The current plan would require the closing of Valley Boulevard (the current location is shown by the blue lines). An EIR has not been prepared for such action.
Further, PPH claims it will build a 50,000 sq. ft. class A office building for its new headquarters. Where will that headquarters building be located. I have circled two buildings. A request was made through the City Council for the ill-advised "secret" Hospital Ad Hoc Committee to request a schedule from PPH for the two circled building. I predict that the Ad Hoc Committee will fail in this task.

The handout given to the City Council is available at these links:

PPH's full plans are available at this link under August 20, 2007:
Link to PowerPoint presentations: